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What is cartridge chip?

The chip that communicates with the printer by using radio frequency or direct contact called cartridge chip. For paper printing and coverage, the chip is made from a small circuit board. The memory is indulged for storing the information. The chip is connected to computer or printer processor and provides responses and control power circuit.

The information like:

  • Regarding the cartridge page
  • Regarding the region details (geographical region details)
  • Regarding installation (like it is correct or successful)

Are stored in the cartridge, and they are built with the power protection, so whenever the voltage spikes, no one can misread the chip.

Types of Cartridge

There are two types of cartridge depending on the printer:

1. Ink Cartridge

The ink cartridge consists of two tanks which are like plastic molding, and in the tank, there are two modules one is full of ink and second is with the sponge. The sponge is used for absorbing the ink when it is traveling from one tank to another tank.

This cartridge is the most complex type of cartridge. It detects the ink levels and spits on the paper for printing. You can change cartridge whenever it needs, and choose the printer that has more than two ink cartridge. The print head of this ink cartridge is very expensive to run.

2. Toner Cartridge

This cartridge chip has the ability to provide an accurate communication to a printer. They use network security like encryption, and if the answer is right in time period then only run. It has a capability to store information and release when it needed. This chip determines the toner level and writes the information.

This chip also sends information to the machine also, and it will be saved by machine while the process is running. This chip is helpful to count printed page, pixels of the page all the information related to printing.

How it works?

Basically, the cartridge holds a toner powder or ink, and the printer deposits this material on the paper for the text or graphics printing. Toner and ink are consumable items, and you can fill up when the cartridge sends information to a machine that they are needed. The cartridge has seals and covers the toner or ink from the dust, and prevents spoiling output.

The process is, the paper is passed under the drum, and the roller applies an electrical charge, and because of that toner is shifted to the paper. The drum rotates, and the transfer of toner or ink is directly related to the speed of the drum. The cartridge holds enough ink and toner to print approx. 2000 pages. When the paper passes

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