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What are the computers and laptops?

If you want to make something easy, the computer is the best place to use. There are many things that a computer can do, not any machine can do in any other way at all. You can solve all possible things by the computer. It has 5 units and they all have different functionalities.

A laptop is called a notebook computer, it is a battery powered personal computer, and smaller than a normal computer. The benefit of using a laptop is, it can be easily transported or transferred, it can be fit in a bag or in case, it can be used in temporary spaces like meetings, offices, libraries, train, airplanes etc.

Mostly laptop computers cost more than desktop, having same capabilities but just have more difficult manufacture and design. You can use any machine along with the computer or laptop. You can supply connections and peripheral input/output and use printer or another machine with them. It allows you to connect a plenty peripherals through a single plug.

Skills and Steps required for computer technician

Any repair or seller has to have these skills and have to follow these steps:

  • He should have knowledge of installing, repairing and troubleshooting when the computer had a problem.
  • He should be well versed in installing software, windows, applications, and antivirus.
  • He should have knowledge of networking printers and devices.
  • He should adopt new techniques for repairing hardware for windows based or Apple platforms.
  • He should have the ability to understand technical schematics.
  • He should have experience in image and backup management software.
  • He can have the ability to manage all the problems, and handle troubleshooting.
  • He should able to configure all networking related problems, like VPN software.
  • He should work efficiently, committed to studying, relate technical concepts.

What we provide?

Cryptonicsinfocom, we provide the best solution for our customer. We provide home and business technology solutions, with installation, repairing. We offer repair service on all brands of PC, laptops, desktops. We provide service related to PC issues like backup, virus removal etc. We will help you with your networking issues. Stay connected with us for any computer and laptop related issues.