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ID Card & Sticker

What is ID card system and what is the role of sticker in that?

ID means Identification unit, and from particular ID you can find perspective thing or person. ID card is used to identify IDs. ID card systems are widely used in the industry from police to government organization. We can consider private firm, schools, construction also, use ID card for the identification of their employees.

Whenever you want to swap your ID simple card to smart card the basic solution is to attach a sticker to it. The stickers should be compatible with access system of particular organization.

The stickers are stuck on the ID card as way; anyone can read the person’s identification information. They are available in the range of different size, with the addition of photo ID, paper backing, and non-printable card.

How to protect data while printing ID card or stickers?

We all know that a sticker or ID card holds very personal information of any person including names, photos, and many others. This information should be kept secret.

The steps to prevent this:

  • Use the tools who provide security to your data (Don’t email it)
  • Provide authenticity to a trusted person to access the whole data.
  • The test cards and misprints should be stored in the locked recycling bin.
  • The data should be deleted in some time by the company who provides you the ID card and sticker.

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