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Bio Metric Machine

What are Biometrics and biometric technology?

Bio and Metrics are two words that mean life and measure. It is normally referred to the study of people's biological and physical characteristics. It is an automated method to recognize a person's behavioral or physiological characteristics.

Features like fingerprints, face, handwriting, hand, retinal, iris, vein and voice are measured by the biometric system. They are separate and distinct from person to person, so using these unique, physical attributes of the body you can identify and verify person very effortlessly.

The biometric technology is used for the personal identification and verification for the security purpose. It has been found for many years but now a day it is emerged with various technologies and makes it available and affordable to all users who run company, business, corporations, and agencies. It cannot be reversed or recreated the personal information so this is not risky.

What is the Biometric machine and how it works?

The biometric machine is the specific machine that uses the biometric technology. It can be used for the fingerprints of employees to verify their identity. This machine scans the finger of the particular machine, coordinates are determined and then it maps the endpoints of the fingerprint. This machine is also used for counting the time period of a particular employee, like clock in and out of work.

This machine has used two types of technology:

1. Based on Image
This is the technology, takes an image of the fingerprint by a scanner and creates the biometric design for each person.

2. Capacitive
This is technology, uses electronic pulses on a screen to explore ridges.

How does it work?

It captures the image of the finger and determines its pattern and matches the pattern with pre-scanned images when again someone comes to scan finger. It uses the binary system to recognize particular finger. It encrypts pattern in the biometric key which is in mathematical representation like binary code.

This is used so that no one can duplicate the fingerprints. You can see the image below.

Advantages of having a Biometric machine

  • It is very fast to check time period.
  • Very safe
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate in detail
  • Prevent theft
  • User-friendly
  • Saves time
  • Easily integrated

What we provide?

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