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What is Printer?

A printer is a device that transfers information to a paper by accepting text and graphic from a computer. Usually, it transfers in standard size sheets of paper. Printers may vary in speed, size, and cost. Whenever you purchase expensive and well-featured printers, they are used to print higher-resolution color printing.

The printer produces a hard copy that could be human-readable and it stored documents in electronic form then print in physical form. Printers are used as computer peripherals, and are attached by a cable to a computer; sometimes there are wireless printers, no need to have cable wire. They have network interfaces and can serve as a physical print.

The printer can directly get data from memory cards, digital cameras, computers, and scanners. Some are combined with fax machine also.

Types of Printers

Printers are low- volume, and easy to install. There are two types of printers:

  1. Ink Jet Printers: They have ink inside them and spray drops of ink onto the document to create any text or image. Usually, the drops are in 50 microns size, it is too small so they can print perfect image on paper.
  2. LaserJet Printers: Usually they use toner powder to make a print on the paper; first of all, by using static electricity, the powder is stuck on paper, then it melts on paper by using hot roller technique. Toner is a fine plastic powder and very useful in the printer.

Qualities of Printer

There are main 4 qualities of printer:

  1. Resolution: Resolution is usually measured in DPI (dots per inch), it measures sharpness of text or image in the paper. The minimum and sufficient resolution is 600 dpi, you can exceed limits.
  2. Color: Color is the most important feature of print, the user can differentiate the data by color, sometimes image or maps. The black and white printers only print black and white color, but color printers are capable to print black and white prints. Color printers use two ink cartridges, and one has specific color and other has black and white ink.
  3. Speed: Speed is also a countable feature of the printer. If you want to print a document in bulk or frequently the speed of the printer is very important for this. The simple printer usually prints 3 to 6 sheets per minute.
  4. Memory: Most of the printers have small memory but that can be expanded by the user. It makes printer faster while page printing with high-resolution images.

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