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What is the RFID stands for?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The name suggests itself, the technique use radio waves to identify something. It signifies to small electronics includes a small chip and an antenna. This device is used as an alternative to a barcode or magnetic tape; they are used for giving identification to each item.

RFID consist of these components:

An, antenna for sending a radio signal

It can be a computer with a microcontroller and its receiver the reader input.

A tag that returns a signal with the data added

It is a microchip attached to a small antenna and encapsulated with different material. It carries information in different forms.

A reader, use for reading information

It is one type of scanner, it scans the information, or signals coming with the tag.

Depend on RFID type; this could be one way or bidirectional. Only the tag( usually contains a number) can send information in one way and in bidirectional the conversation is from both sides.

RFID used for?

Every access control system is working with the RFID card like we said employee card. There is a tag attached with the smart card and it is mounted to secured doors. All system access people are linked to a number that is already on the tag. This number is matched with the database which is actually stored in the official data. If reader catches right radio signals and access rights, then it is okay for person and signal is sent to a system for opening a door.

There are many varieties of this card like it is also used in vehicle access control system, used in taxis and ambulance. It is made customizable for every possible system like for health department, logistic, library, taxi stands, stores, etc.

Types of RFID card

There are two types of RFID systems:

1. Active RFID

This RFID system has own power source, like battery or external supply. This is used for long distance like logistic. You can track your logistics with the help of this.

2. Passive RFID

This is used for short distance, and it gets the power though reader or tag antenna. There is no need to having an own power supply.

Uses and application

The most common application is for tracking. It includes:

  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • ID Badging
  • Personnel tracking
  • The unlocking the car door
  • The automatic deduction of payment
  • Building access door system
  • Wireless sensors
  • ID cards and passports

Service we provide

We provide a RFID card for all the access control system likes for employee badges, student cards, and vehicle system. You can get number of advantages to in contrast to the barcode. Stay tuned with us for more enquiry.